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Singer Covers TIME Magazine, Speaks on Career, Motherhood

The year 2015 is without a doubt the ‘year of Adele’. Following the singer’s record sales that rocked the charts within just a week of its release, the UK born singer/songwriter has consistently dominated
the airwaves from the initial release of ‘Hello’ to sold out audiences in New York City.
Speaking with Time magazine about her career and motherhood, the singer admits that although juggling a busy promotional schedule for her new album and spending time with her three year old son, Angelo, was demanding, having him along with her also helped.
According to her, “The other day I was saying, ‘Oh God, I’m finding this really hard again with a kid,' I have no time for myself because in between doing this, all my spare time is with him. But then I realized, he’s been keeping me totally cool and calm about the whole thing.”
She further noted that motherhood has made her more purposeful than before and expressed her eagerness to see the kind of person her son grows up to be. Adding that she would be supportive of him and his choices regardless of what they were to be.
Adele, who is usually private about her personal life and relationships, opens up in the interview about possible future collaborations and expatiating on her decisions to keep her relationship and family out of the public eye, despite how open and bare her lyrics tend to be.
“My record is about my real life, so I have to talk about it,” she says. “If you try to intrude or come near my family, I’m a lioness. Especially because my boyfriend isn’t famous. So I think it’s really unfair for anyone to want unlimited access to my family when we’re not a brand… this was my dream. This isn’t theirs.”
The singer also talked about the possibility of acting in a movie, however, only one in which “Hello” director, Xavier Dolan was involved, adding that acting was not in her immediate interests but could be considered on his behalf.
The coming year is set to be a huge one for the artist who has big dreams for her upcoming world tour as she makes plans to kick it up a notch.
“I’m not just going to stand there!” she laughs. “I really would like to fly through the arena for the beginning, but no one’s having it.”
It can be agreed, whether Adele decides to fly or just stand still on stage, there are a million and more fans that will stand with her.


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