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Petrol To Be Sold For N70 Says Law Makers

The House of Representatives has approached the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and Petroleum Products Prices Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) to audit the present cost of petrol to N70.04 per liter.
Abubakar Fulata said the present layout at the cost of PMS could be surveyed downwards without influencing the profit edge of advertisers and transporters furthermore add to decreasing the current inflationary pattern in the economy.

Fulata noticed that the arrangement of N4.56 in th value layout for lightering administrations is totally superfluous as "in accordance with universal practice, all boats should dock at the harbor yet on account of Nigeria in any case, the water in every one of the harbors is shallow because of siltation and the harbors pressing digging."

He said: "However the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is paid N0.84 for each liter of petrol, it has neglected to dig the different docking territories, as an aftereffect of which boats hold up at the high ocean and release their own payload in littler vessels and for this wastefulness of the NPA, Nigerians are approached to pay N4.56 for each liter of petrol, which would have been vital if all docking regions have been dug."

"The arrangement of N2.00/l in the layout for the upkeep of storerooms does not profit government offices situated at more than 21 fuel terminals in the nation.

"A reasonable layout will cut down the cost of petrol to N70.04 per liter," the legislator added.

The house adopted the movement after it was put to a voice vote by Speaker Yakubu Dogara.

The House likewise made plans to set up an ad-hoc committee that would work with pertinent partners with the view to cut down the cost of petrol to N70.04 per liter.

The committee is required to report back to the house inside eight weeks for further administrative activity.


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