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Kim Kardashian Standing Strong For Kanye West

Kim Kardaashian is supporting the husband by staying beside him through this period.
kanye west will stay inside the health center a bit longer, reporters gathered.

The rapper has decided to stay back in the hospital  which he says is best form him.
"kanye is the sort of person if his is asked to go and isn't  mentally geared up to will move back to his old ways and push himself over the restriction again," the source explains. "he wishes to stay up with counseling even though he has an excessive work time table. He is just really tired and still weak. He is not himself."
Luckly, kanye has wife kim kardashian to help him get through his tough time. "kim is being patient and staying his side," the source told. "they each have been through a lot however are staying sturdy as a married couple and supporting each other get back up."

The couple, who have been married for two years, are not concerned about their courtship. "they know in the long run this could bring them closer," the supply says. "their love is not affected throughout this tough time, but it's been tested to peer if they can get through it. They believe they will."


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