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My Priority in Life Outside of My Child is Beyoncé

British record breaking singer, Adele who got the world trying their vocal quality, has stated for the umpteenth that she loves Queen Bee, Beyoncé.

She said this in an interview with TIME, when asked if she truly turned down a collaboration with the ‘Drunk in love’ pop star, Beyoncé. Adele went a little too far to prove her love for Queen Bee, she compared her love for the pop star as close to the love she has for her son, Angelo.
"Whoever started that rumor must have been having a laugh because anyone who knows me knows that my main priority in life outside of my child is Beyoncé." Adele told TIME.
In November, the Adele had gushed about Beyoncé on the Beats 1 radio show and denied all rumors saying that when Queen Bee requested for a diet, she turned her down.
"There’s a rumor going round that I turned Beyoncé down which I would never be so disrespectful as to do. I’d never disrespect her like that. Obviously, like, Queen Bey 'til the day I die," Adele said.
But if Angelo is numebr 1 and Beyoncé is the second love of Adele’s life, where does that leave her man Simon Konecki? Third place? #justsaying
With all that said we hoping for a duet between them both. Hello Adele and Beyonce from the other side, please we want a collaboration.


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