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Replica Of Palmyra Arch That Survived ISIS To Be Built in Trafalgar Square

Replicas of a Palmyra arch that survived ISIS is to be built in Trafalgar Square.
New York will also be blessed with a replica constructed using the world’s biggest 3D printer.
The monument fell victim to ISIS militants who stormed Palmyra earlier this year and destroyed historic sites.
But a 15 metre high arch, which stood in one of the the temples, survived.
The arch is around 2,000-years-old.
Credit: Metro
Dr Alexy Karenowska, director of technology at the Institute for Digital Archaeology, said: ‘The aim of our proposed installation is to draw attention to the global crisis surrounding the looting and despoliation of cultural heritage objects and architecture and the importance of celebrating the beauty and significance of these objects to the everyday lives of modern people.’


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