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Boss of Twitter in Europe Pledges to Crack Down on Online Trolls

THE boss of Twitter in Europe has pledged to crack down on trolls.
Bruce Daisley said the site are doing all they can to combat nuisance users as the company prepare to mark their 10th birthday in March.

The move was welcomed by anti-bullying and children’s charities who have warned that vulnerable young users need better protection.
Javed Khan, chief executive of Barnardo’s said: “As a society, we’re only just beginning to grasp the full impact of the internet on children and young people, and the implications for education and safeguarding.
“It’s crucial that the Government, industry and the voluntary sector work together to keep our children safe. This means addressing online as well as offline threats.”
Twitter have 320million users around the world.
Daisley said some of those users who hurl extreme abuse or are suspected of trolling are contacted and told “what you are doing here exists in the real world”.
The move follows a spate of Twitter attacks in Scotland.
Ross Gibson admitted to posting sick tweets about Celtic captain Scott Brown’s late sister and posting a picture of a young Celtic fan who has Down’s Syndrome alongside the words “disabled piece of s**t”.
He pled guilty to threatening and abusive behaviour by sending messages of an offensive, sectarian and indecent nature.
Daisley said Twitter users who have been subjected to abuse are also being encouraged to publish lists of users they have blocked.
The site have also given users new tools to block abusive trolls.
He said: “We’ve spent longer and more effort on user safety than any other thing.”
Ex Labour leader Jim Murphy faced a torrent of online abuse in the wake of the Clutha tragedy after Twitter trolls accused him of cashing in.
He revealed he had been targeted by independence supporters with false claims that he had accepted £1000 from the Clutha Appeal fund for “pain and distress”.
Underwear boss Michelle Mone also hit back at trolls after the announcement she was to become a Conservative member of the House of Lords.
Credit: Daily record
She blocked a number of users on Twitter saying that they were “small minded”.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has also intervened in the battle against online trolls by pledging to discipline members responsible for spreading poisonous abuse.
She said: “The SNP will take steps to warn those whose behaviour falls short of standards that we expect.
“We will tell them to raise their standard of debate, to stick to issues, not personalities and to ensure robust and passionate debate takes precedence over abuse.
“Where appropriate we will take disciplinary action.”


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