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Donkey SEATBELTS Fitted to Animals to Improve Safety for Pregnant Women

A British charity is fitting inflatable seatbelts to donkeys to help carry pregnant women to give birth in poor countries.

Mums-to-be in remote regions of Third World countries will be able to climb on the ‘donkey
ambulances’ fitted with the inflated wrap-around saddles, reports the Sunday People.
Donkeys are still regularly used to transport pregnant women in many Third World countries.

Many families across Africa do not have cars but many villages have access to a donkey or horse to get to hospital. But the saddles will cut down the risks of falling.
The saddles made by charity SaddleAid in Anglesey, North Wales, have been tested by a Welsh donkey called Queenie to improve the inflatable safety gear.
They have already been trialled in Afghanistan and are set to be used for mums-to-be in Ethiopia next year.
Credit: Mirror
Cat Jones will run the trial for Hub Cymru Africa, supported by the Welsh Government, in north Ethiopia.
She said: “The time to get to the facilities can often put both the mother and baby at risk.
“A device like this can make a real difference when access to roads and vehicles is often not possible, but where many families have access to a horse, pony or donkey.”
The company wants to train villagers in using the saddles which they say could also be used in the UK to help disabled people comfortably take part in horse rides or pony treks.


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