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Virgin Sheep Gives Birth to Twin Lambs

Anthony Moore, a farmer from west post farm witnessed his 'virgin' sheep give birth to twin lambs and says its a Christmas miracle.

He said Shirley hadn't shown signs of mating with a ram and a recent ultrasound scan gave no signs
or indication that she was pregnant.
The staffs at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, were stunned to discover the two newborn when they arrived for work on December 23. "Its a miracle" says Anthony.
Anthony said "There was no evidence she was pregnant so it was pretty unusual. Both lambs are doing really well. "The farm is buzzing with new life and festive cheer at the moment and this is the icing on the Christmas cake."
Credit: Pulse
The farmers are really convinced that Shirley was a virgin, the staffs had even marked crayon on the male the male they wanted to mate Shirley with so that when the male mounts on the ewe the crayon would rub off onto the females back and they did this so they could monitor their progress.
This method makes it clear to the farmers which sheep have mated.
Both lambs are said to be healthy but have yet to be named after their surprise arrivals.


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