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Running Christmas Tree Spreads Happiness

Ho Ho Ho! Christmas is upon us and jingle bells are spreading happiness with their soothing sound of joy all over the world. To foster the spirit of Christmas a British man is spreading cheers in the
world’s most technologically advanced city Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
The name whose name is Joseph Tame, who is originally from Britain and an inventor and owner of a video production and digital media in Tokyo, has built his own version of ‘Running Christmas Tree’ which is basically a costume from scratch using an aluminium frame, two rucksacks, branches from two fake Christmas trees, 99 batteries, 1,500 LED lights and about 100 feet of wiring. He even made a video of his invention and posted in on YouTube which shows the awe and reactions of the people when he passes by them giving high fives and running down the streets of Tokyo.
He told CNN, “The reactions range from sudden burst of laughter to a couple of people have screamed in surprise and delight. A lot of people just say, ‘What? What? What are you doing?’ and I tell them that I am the Christmas tree.” He expressed that he is looking for making personal appearances in his Christmas suit which he is marketing as, ‘Uber for Illuminations.’ He further said that fans will soon be able to book his appearances using an app which is under development.
“One of the main things is to break the social barriers. Tokyo is a great city but people keep to themselves. It brings people to get close together. On the train, it’s just wonderful. Everybody is just transfixed,” Tame said.
He will be out on the day of Christmas to spread the cheers as far as possible and to as many as possible. “Most people are working on Christmas Day in Japan but hopefully with the costume they can also see a bit of Christmas on the day,” he said happily.


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