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Woman Wakes Up To Find Neighbour Violently Raping Her, Filming It

Single mother Jessica McDonald, 22, who leaves in Newcastle was reportedly woke up naked only to find her neighbour Glen Mills,31 attacking her, filming and taking pictures with his mobile phone.
Though her attacker Mills has been sent to jail, she waived her rights to anonymity to help other victims in are or were in the same situation as hers to speak out.
Jessica recalled screaming, pleading and trying so hard to push him away but he ignored her pleas.
"What has happened has affected me massively, but I am really glad I went to the police and got justice," Jessica said.                                                                                                                                        
She warned other girls to be on guard, she said the incident could happen to anyone and going to the police can be scary, and that victims might be scared they won't believe. 
Credit: Pulse 
"The police do take attacks like these very seriously. Now Mills has been jailed I feel like I can in some way move on," she added.


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