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Beyonce Didn’t Fancy Jay Z at First But They ‘Smelled the Brand’ - Now They're Crazy in Love

They’re the most powerful and influential celebrity couple in the world, the £1billion family who seem to have it all. But while Beyonce and Jay Z now enjoy a fairytale romance, I believe it started
very differently.
In fact the Halo singer, 34, apparently didn’t even fancy Jay Z when they first met. Asked by her uncle if she could see herself with the star, Beyonce responded: “Eww.”

After two years of interviews with those closest to the pair, who have a three-year-old daughter Ivy Blue, their early days can be laid bare.
Bey was just 20 when she met the rapper, backstage at a benefit concert in New York City in 2001. She was apparently not impressed, telling many of her confidantes: “I’m not into Jay.”
Instead, there was perhaps a more cynical reason behind her decision to woo the star. Jay Z, now 46, may also have harboured less than romantic reasons for wanting to return the attention.
I was told he “smelled the brand” in a union with Queen Bey – and she did too.
Credit: Mirror
The rapper had previously had a hit with Hard Knock Life but he was definitely known more in hip-hop circles. People felt Jay would broaden his appeal in many ways by aligning himself with her.
It was also believed Beyonce, essentially a pop princess, stood to gain more of an urban sensibility; she’d be taken more seriously.


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