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8 Soldiers, 2 Police Women Having Sex While They Were Meant o Be Guarding The City

Eight soldiers and two policewomen in Brussels, Belgium are said to have indulged in a ten person romp while they were meant to be guarding the city.
It has surfaced that Policewomen and soldiers engaged themselves in a sex orgy while the Belgian city of Brussels was on lockdown following an ISIS terror threat.
As many as eight soldiers and two policewomen are said to have partaken in the ten person romp while they were supposed to be on duty, guarding the city.
Chiefs of Police in Belgium have launched an inquiry into the alleged incident, reports the La Derniere Heure, a newspaper in Belgium which is published in French language.
Eight of the armed soldiers sent to patrol the streets and the two female officers spent a night making love not war in a police station at Ganshoren, a Brussels suburb, the paper claims.
At the time of the occurrence in November, Brussels was under a maximum stage four terror alert. The underground Metro was not running, many shops were closed and the public was warned to avoid crowded places. The city’s mayor ordered all restaurants and cafes to close after the government, fearing terror attacks, raised the alert level to level four – “very serious” – for the Brussels region.
“Analysis shows a serious and imminent threat that requires taking specific security measures as well as specific recommendations for the public,” an official statement said at the time.
The heightened terror threat was thought to have been sparked by fears that Salah Abdeslam was in hiding in the Brussels area. The 26-year-old French man was believed to be one of the ringleaders of the Paris attacks in which 130 people died last November. He had reportedly been in touch with friends on Skype asking for help in getting back to Syria.
Credit: Pulse
It has now been revealed that Soldiers and Policewomen who were supposed to be on guard and at alert at the time were apparently using the time to gratify their own wanton sexual desires.
Belgium Police spokesperson, Joham Berckman said after the revelation was made, "An investigation is underway I can confirm that 15 to 20 soldiers were sleeping at the police station to save them making the journey back to their barracks."


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