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Female Judge Pulled Out of Court on Stretcher After Man Giving Evidence Beats Her Up

Justice Miriam Walsh had to be carried out on a stretcher after suffering the prolonged attack in court.
Sources told how the judge was left helpless as the thug repeatedly beat her before police were able
to restrain the man.
They said: “Tensions got high after the decision was made and he jumped from the dock at her.
“He also kicked and punched the court registrar who also needed treatment.
“The judge was trying to defend herself from him but he was repeatedly hitting her in the face.
“She was in a terrible state. She had to be stretchered off to hospital."
The incident happened at a family law court at Dolphin's House in Temple Bar, Dublin. 
The attacker, who was giving evidence in the case, was calm throughout the proceeding until the judge gave her verdict.
The witness added: “It would seem she suffered a broken nose and serious face lacerations.
“There was a lot of blood and she also received a number of cuts to her face.
“It is believed the numbers of court gardai stationed at Dolphin House had been recently cut. Instead of five there are now only two."
A spokesman for the Court Service confirmed the assault said: “Security systems are in place and were operational. This allowed the gardai to intervene and make an arrest.
“The judge’s injuries are not believed to be serious. She has been discharged from hospital.”
Council chairman, David Barniville, said: "Judges are impartial decision-makers whose work is driven by the pursuit of justice for all members of society.
“The physical attack on Judge Walsh is an affront to justice. It is a new low and one I hope will never be repeated.
“There must be a thorough investigation into the circumstances under which
Judge Walsh could be attacked in this deplorable way.”
Justice Walsh was taken to hospital by ambulance but she has since been released.


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