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Dimplez – I Can Put On Pant And Bra For Performance

What Works For Me Is A Blend Of Sex Appeal And Talent 
“I can even put on pant and bra for a performance, depending on how I want to look. As long as it
looks good on me,” she said.
Singer Dimplez has revealed that her style as a singer involves blending talent and some sex appeal. She justified her eccentric nature saying the Nigerian music industry requires some form of craziness in order to get the people’s attention.
In a recent interview with Vanguard, she talked a bit on her history in music even as she explained the reason she switched from gospel to secular music as well as why she is called Dimplez.
According to her, while gospel music limited her secular music gave her the opportunity to express herself hence the switch.
She said: “I am called Dimplez because whenever I smile, my dimples come out. I have been doing music for two years. It all started from the church. I attended a Bible school for a month and at the end of the training, I sang a special song. The pastor and some of the choristers told me I have a good voice after listening to my song. I was asked to join the choir. I started with gospel music, but I had to make a switch.
“[However], I stopped doing gospel music because I wasn’t able to express myself. Secular music would give me the platform to be able to express myself better. Now, I sing realistic songs, songs people can relate with easily.”
Recall that in commemoration of the No Bra celebration on October 13, 2015 she stunned the social media circle in Nigeria by releasing semi-nude pictures of herself which got her onto the lips of many.
The singer had gone into the studio and taken pictures with no bra and it was circulated to numerous online platforms.
She appears unfazed by the many criticisms in the wake of the act. Instead, she said it helped her singles Auto Mechanic and Kowole garner buzz across the media.
She also reiterated her reason for delving into secular music stating that many of the artistes in the genre sing what they do not practice in their lives.
She said: “Secular music is the thing for me. Gospel music isn’t bad too but most gospel artistes don’t practice what they sing, so what’s the use?”
On her stand out features as an artiste she said: “What works for me is a blend of sex appeal and talent. In the Nigerian music industry, you need to do something crazy in order to be able to gain people’s attention. I have met several upcoming artistes who are talented, but not yet successful. This desire to be different made me go ahead with the No-bra day photo shoot.”
Seun ‘Dimplez’ Akinnuga is a somewhat controversial artiste and she is not afraid to express her unusual side. She told Vanguard that she can wear anything as long as it looks good on her.
I Don’t Condemn Nudity, But I Won’t Do It – Actress


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