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Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Boutique hotel Deal with Pestana

One of the world’s best football players, Cristiano Ronaldo, and the largest international Portuguese hotel group, Pestana, have announced a joint partnership to launch four new boutique hotels.
Dionísio Pestana, owner and chairman of Pestana Hotel Group, and Cristiano Ronaldo, who both hail from Madeira, acknowledge that this collaboration emerges from a great mutual empathy and trust.
The joint venture, which is
co-owned, by both Ronaldo and Pestana will be managed by The Pestana Hotel Group.
The total investment in these four new hotels will be €75 million.
The hotels will be located in four iconic destinations: Lisbon, Madrid, Funchal, and New York.
Each hotel will have 100 keys and will open within the next two years.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 brand is the main inspiration behind the four hotels, which will be boutique in style and will appeal to the modern day millennial traveller.
“This joint venture has enormous potential,” said Dionísio Pestana, “it also echoes the constant innovation spirit that embodies The Pestana Hotel Group.”
The first hotel is scheduled to open in summer 2016, in Funchal’s harbour, on the island of Madeira.
It will be followed by Lisbon, in late 2016.
Madrid and New York are due to open in 2017.
With these new openings The Pestana Hotel Group will grow to over 90 hotels in 16 countries.
“I’m certain that this investment is surely one of the safest deals that I can capitalise on for my future,” explained Cristiano Ronaldo.


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