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Army Kill 8 IPOB BIAFRA Protesters In Onitsha Today

The Nigeria armed forces have done the unthinkable again by killing more than 8 unarmed IPOB members and injured over 50 of them who were celebrating and rejoicing upon hearing the news that
Nnamdi Kanu was cleared of all charges. It was reported that Nigerian army was shooting to kill and succeeded in killing more than 8 people and injured over 50 people in the process. Those injured were hospitalized and were receiving treatment, when the Nigeria army stormed the hospital again assaulting the nurses and doctors taking care of the injured patients, they went in and dragged the injured patients out of the hospital and forcefully throwing them into their vans and taking them away. They way they kill and treat Biafrans are worse than the way they treat and kill mere animals. This is the height of it all, willie Obiano will pay for this, because he has vowed to keep killing innocent and unarmed Biafrans just to please Buhari.  Some reports are saying more than 30 people were killed and 105 people injured but we are still on this news and will keep you updated.


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