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Nigerian Persecuted Speak out in Christian Charity Film

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is behind the documentary, Persecuted Not Abandoned, which premiers at St Paul's Church in Hammersmith, London on Thursday.

The charity said that rising violence against Christians, especially in the north of the country, is the reason for the creating film.
Dr Khataza Gondwe, Team Leader for Africa and Middle East, told Premier that she hopes it will better-inform people: "So the film itself will inform people, and it's not just a narrative from somebody it's actually the voices of the victims, will inform people of the different types of persecution."
Dr Gondwe said that people still are not aware what is happening in Nigeria: "There's a tendency to look at the south and see thriving prosperous churches where people are free to worship as they please and they think this is the whole of Nigeria, they don't see what's going on in the north."
She added that prayer is vital too: "That people pray from an informed position, I think that not enough people are praying because we're not seeing a change, and we're told that prayer moves the hand that moves the world."
A Christian advocacy charity will be showing a film about the persecution of Christian believers in Nigeria.


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