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Dwayne Johnson Donates $1,500 to Save a Puppy's Life

The actor is giving us all the feels yet again with another incredibly generous move. In the spirit of the holidays, the Today Show revealed that he donated $1,500 to save a puppy's life after he had been
tortured and abandoned, left with a metal wire wrapped around his snout.
Johnson may be a little biased considering the pooch was named after him, but nonetheless he stepped in and provided the donation to go toward his surgery. "Stay strong lil' Rock! Let's get you taken care of, healed up and feeling better for Christmas. Plus you have a VERY cool name to uphold;). Got your back," the Furious 7 actor wrote on the pup's donation page.

 Thanks to Johnson's generous gift, the pup was able to undergo his surgery, and we're sure he'll find the strength to make it through!
Of course, this moment of kindness is just one of many for Johnson, who we can safely consider "The World's Rock." Here are 7 more reasons he's one of the best dudes in the industry with one of the biggest hearts:
He created the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation:  As the spokeperson for the National Afterschool Association, Johnson originally created the foundation to help assist recovery and encourage hope in the lives of children hospitalized for various medical conditions. Since then, it has expanded its mission to include education and child obesity prevention programs.
Johnson announced his new venture, "Rock the Troops" this summer, a grand scale music and entertainment event to celebrate and entertain deployed US Troops serving overseas. It will be filmed at a military base overseas and will be released on Veterans Day 2016.
He constantly promotes a college education: He is a director for the Beacon Experience, encouraging kids to encourage their schooling beyond high school.
He provided a $2 Million donation to University of Miami alumni center, The gift allowed the university to build a place where people start and finish their business on campus. It also showcases the successes of alumni throughout the years.
From lifting his family out of poverty—something his mom still cries over—to buying his housekeeper a new car, he's always giving back to those he loves and cares for.
He helped organize a gala for the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, helping to provide funding for non-profit organizations that give disadvantaged urban youths exposure and access to the arts.
Johnson has often volunteered to meet some of his biggest fans who are struggling with cancer, disease or life-threatening health issues, always providing them with hope and encouragement.


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