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Angelina Jolie Hates Seeing Self

Angelina Jolie hates seeing herself on screen.
The 40-year-old beauty admits one of the things she found most difficult about making 'By the Sea'
was having to direct herself alongside husband Brad Pitt because she hates watching herself back.
She admitted: "I don't like seeing myself on camera, which made it very difficult.
"But I wanted to be able to have this experience with him."
The couple - who raise six children together - wanted to make the film after they got married because they thought it would bring them a "deeper love and understanding".
She said: "We didn't have a honeymoon. This was our honeymoon, which was very strange.
"I think it was just that time, when we were feeling like we wanted to be together more.
"We just wanted to not go through life on different projects.
"We thought, 'Let's try and be closer, let's try to have a deeper love and a deeper understanding of each other, and let's go further. ' It all came together at once."
And Angelina was thrilled by Brad's performance in the movie.
She said: "I know I'm biased but I think his performance is very strong. It's very emotional. It was just so different."
But she found it difficult working on scenes where they argued.
She added to Total Film magazine: "It is one of the strangest things to direct your husband to fight with you."


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