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Ship Carrying more than 100 people Sinks off Indonesia'

Indonesian news sites report up to 122 people were on board ship that left Kolaka in province of Southeast Sulawesi
Concerns have been raised over the safety of a ship carrying more than 100 passengers off Indonesia
after local media reported it had sunk near the island of Sulawesi.
One news site,, said 108 people were on board the ship, which left Kolaka in the Southeast Sulawesi province on Saturday. Another site,, said 122 people were on board the ship.
It was bound for an unspecified destination in South Sulawesi, which lies across the Gulf of Boni, when, according to local media, it came into trouble and sunk.
A police spokesman said port authorities had lost contact with the vessel after its engine broke down in stormy seas, but that it appeared to be still afloat.
The reported sinking is the second maritime accident in Indonesia this week. On Wednesday a cargo ship collided with a chemical tanker and sank off western Indonesia.
Six Filipino crewmen remain missing and are feared dead after the incident off Batam island, while six people were rescued.
The collision with the chemical tanker, Stolt Commitment, ripped a large hole in the Danish cargo ship, Thorco Cloud, which caused it to sink.


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