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Isis Releases Footage of its New ‘Islamic Police’ Patrolling Libyan Streets

Daesh has released footage of its ‘Islamic Police’ who are patrolling the streets of Libya.
The terror group has a presence in a number of coastal Libyan cities including Derna, Nofilia and
Sirte, and is looking to expand its control.
In an apparent demonstration of its increasing presence in the region Daesh has released a video of what it calls its ‘Islamic Police’, armed and uniformed men who are now patrolling the streets of Sirte.
US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter compared Daesh’s presence in the Middle East as a ‘growing tumour’, and the UN has expressed concern that it is looking for ways to take more territory in North Africa.
‘While currently concentrated in its stronghold in Sirte, ISIL could seek local alliances to expand its territorial control, also entailing the risk of motivating additional foreign terrorist fighters to join the group in Libya,’ a UN report read.
The terror group have reportedly prioritised a takeover of the port city of Ajdabiya, which is Libya’s largest oil hub.


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