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Britain’s Most Married Man To Divorce Wife Number Eight And Marry Wife Number NINE

Despite only saying a week ago that he wasn’t cheating on his wife, Britain’s most-married man is planning on her at Christmas - so he can spend it with would-be wife number NINE.
Ron Sheppard, 67, is leaving wife number eight, Weng (above) and will instead jet out to be with
Filipino call centre worker Cristel Marquez - who is 40 years his junior.
Randy Ron secretly chatted up Cristel online after they first met 10 years ago - when she was just 15 or 16-years-old and he was with seventh wife, Wan.

His current wife Weng, 36, gave him the boot after 11 years of marriage because he shared a bed with young female masseuse Iza Samontes, 27, on a solo holiday in the Philippines.
He denied anything happened between the two but has now set his sights on wife number nine.
Wife number nine: Ron has set his sights on Cristel Marquez (SWNS)
Ron, who has eight children through his various marriages, has not yet told Weng any of his plans to fly to the Philippines and spend the festive season with 27-year-old Cristel, who is single with no children.
He said: “Weng doesn’t know anything about this at all. I’m just keeping it quiet from her.
"She thinks that I’m going to marry the massage girl, but I’m not.
"I met Cristel on a website called We just said ‘hello’.
"She had put a thing up saying that she was 'interested’ so I looked at that and we just started chatting.
Where it all began: Ron Sheppard on his wedding day to his first wife Margaret in 1966
"I knew what was going to happen months ago with Weng and me, and I thought 'well I don’t like being alone’.”
Ron now plans to move to the Philippines permanently to be with Cristel, who he describes as “just a very nice, caring sort of girl”.
Cristel, who lives in Pampanga with her mother, said: "I want to marry Ron - definitely. He is a very loving person and so sweet.
“I’m attracted to him. I’ve fallen in love with him.
"I know about Ron being married eight times before and it doesn’t matter to me. He’s really honest and it’s already passed so it’s the past.”
Ron plans to spend Christmas with Cristel and her mum while Weng will be in the Philippines spending it with her family.


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