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'You Know I'm Just Joking' We Need More Beef, Drama In 2016

2016 is off with a bang!
We are just four days into the New Year, and so far it has been lit. Everyone is taking shots and it looks like not many people are going to be spared.
Don Jazzy, Olamide, Davido, Vector and Cynthia Morgan have started the year in grand style.
Drama, beef, baby mama drama have snatched the headlines. It’s been a funny few days to say this least.
Olamide has guts though. Not many can go off on Don Jazzy, the biggest producer in the land. There are too many chicken celebrities in Nigeria. A lot of your favourite stars are afraid to speak their minds. It is refreshing to see Olamide challenging the status quo.

I personally love what he did. If a man feels he is aggrieved he has every right to air his opinions. As they say on the streets speak your church mind. Why bottle things up and murmur in the dark? The industry is big enough for two superstars to go at each other.
Don Jazzy had every right to respond. What he said though was probably not the best response but emotions were running very high that night. It’s allowed.
As for Olamide’s cuss words and foul language, I love it! That’s TV gold. I am sure the ratings for the Headies this year would be an all-time high. Who doesn’t want to be entertained? I want to, you want, we all want to. Sometimes these ceremonies are stiff with fake smiles and hugs. We need more drama.
A fall out of the Headies war was Cynthia Morgan lashing out at Davido. In her SnapChat she mimicked Davido’s hoarse voice and fired some shots at HKN artistes. This is 2016 and everyone is in the firing line. Davido has apologized but I wished this one had dragged on a little bit more for us to feast on.  
This year, something might go off between established rapper Vector and upcoming rapper YCEE. We’ve not had a proper rap battle since Mode 9 and Rugged man and even that was one-sided. This is me wishing that Vector and YCEE get into it and drop diss tracks all through the year. The rap game in Nigeria is too PG, we need some Rated R content. War is a good thing o!
Davido’s tussle with his baby mama Sophia Momodu is another hot thing that is going to blow over very soon. Expect Sophia to fight back in full force with her big egbon Dele Momodu in her corner. I see a lot of scandals oozing out of this baby tussle.
Credit: Pulse
As an entertainment writer this is what I love to see. Drama brings content and I am in the business of content. I need more celebrities to fight and argue. We all know they don’t like each other. They should just go ahead and say it. Damn the consequences. This year has started on a great note. Let there be more fights, scandals, drama and beefs. That’s what this business is all about.
Let the wars begin.
P.S speaking of wars, Star Wars is really great apart from the anticlimactic ending.


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