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Trump is STILL the bookies favorite to win the Republican presidential race with Marco Rubio in second

From the statistics of all nomination it looks like Trump will win but the candidates are still vying to impress the voters, but an online bookie has revealed there is already a clear front runner - and gamblers are putting good money on it.
PredictIt, whose users put money on political outcomes, says Trump has a 40 per cent chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination.

That's 14 percentage points higher than the candidate in second place Marco Rubio. It is 16 per cent better than Ted Cruz. Trump's rise in the polls has been mirrored in the markets.
Until late last year, PredictIt users were backing Florida Governor Jeb Bush. He now lies in fourth place with just a 8 per cent chance, 16 behind Cruz.
Ben Carson, who was soaring in the polls, sits in a disappointing 9th place. 
Experts suggested it was because of his fundraising and familiarity with voters. 
In October, British website Paddy Power assigned Rubio 2-1 odds and Bush 11-4. Bookies are giving The Donald the odds of 10-3, behind the two Florida polls.
For the Democrats, PredictIt users say former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a 70 per cent chance of winning.
Credit: Mail Online
Before the popularity of scientific polling, election betting – when it was still legal in the United States – was one of the best ways to predict the outcome of an election.


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