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A 'Drunk' Man Rescued After Trying To Skate On Sea Ice In China

What a funny man, drunk and skating. An allegedly drunk man who was excited to try skating on sea ice in Shandong Province, China is rescued after falling into freezing water.

This is the moment rescuers rush to the aid of a "drunk" man who fell through sea ice when his curiosity appeared to get the better of him.
Footage taken on Sunday shows police and locals in Yantai, Shandong Province, China, hoisting the man out of the freezing water.
The rescuers are seen using rope and other tools to pull him to safety.
According to local reports, the man was allegedly drunk and was so excited to see the sea ice that he tried to skate on it.
Credit: The Telegraph
But he broke the icy surface by accident and fell into the sea.
Fortunately, the man was saved just in time.


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