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Ronda Rousey Sported With A Diamond On Her Ring Finger

Ronda Rousey was spotted with a diamond in a ring finger as she set to return to the spotlight for the first time since UFC 193 with a guest-hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.
Indeed, Rousey does appear to have a diamond on her left hand.
Publicly, there hasn't been any word on Rousey being engaged, but the former UFC women's bantamweight champ has been romantically linked to UFC heavyweight (and Glendale Fighting Club training partner) Travis Browne.

That said, while some who noticed the ring are thinking wedding bells, it's possible this was part of a bit for SNL. A dating-related sketch was teased earlier this week, so perhaps the ring is tied to that rather than anything related to Rousey's love life. Or perhaps it was meant as a viral campaign to get articles like this written and more people tuning in this Saturday night.
Credit: Bleacher Report
Whatever the case, a diamond typically doesn't end up on a woman's ring finger by accident. Either way, it gives Rousey fans yet another reason to tune in.


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