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McDonald's Is Selling Chocolate-Covered French Fries in Japan

If you are a fan of McDonald's this is for you in Japan.
Japan is a land of many weird things, and as such, its fast food creations tend to be dependably curious. The newest menu item at Japanese McDonald’s, for instance, involves french fries covered with multiple types of chocolate. They’re called “McChocolate Potatoes.”
The unusual combination is only around for a limited time. Drizzled with white and milk chocolate, the treat is hits stores across Japan on January 26 and will be sold until mid-February.
A poorly Google-translated page explains: “The salty of the potato, the taste of surprise sweetness of the chocolate source is applied, Please enjoy.” It costs about 50-cents to upgrade your boring choco-free fries to the amazing choco-potatoes. Please enjoy.


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