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Jamie Foxx Rescues A Man From A Burning Car ,Not A Stunt

Jamie Foxx is not doing stunts in movies this time but using what he has learnt to save the life of another in an accident.
According to TMZ, a car skidded on a wet road outside his LA house, then hit a ditch and flipped over.

Witnesses told the website that Jamie allegedly told California Highway Patrol that after he heard the accident, he ran outside to see what had happened.
Seeing the burning wreck, and noticing that the driver was still trapped inside the car, a quick-thinking Jamie unbuckled the man and dragged him out of the car.
TMZ also reported that the driver, 32 year old Brett Kyle, was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.
While Jamie is no stranger to doing his own stunts, this might be the first time he's done so without cameras rolling.


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