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Canadian Elementary School On Lock-Down Amid Report Of 'Active Shooter'

There has been a shooting at an elementary school in the northern Saskatchewan community of La Loche.

A statement on the school's Facebook page said the public have been told to stay clear until the scene is safe.
It reads: "There is currently an emergency occurring at the Dene Building and we are asking the public to stay away while the matter is resolved by the RCMP.

 "A nurse at La Loche hospital has confirmed that patients there suffering from gunshot wounds. Couldn't say how many."

Ken Ladouceur, the division's director of education, said he received a call from the principal of La Loche Community School shortly after 1 pm.
Meanwhile, the community’s fire chief was quoted as saying a boy with a gun was in custody.
The Dene building holds students from Grades 7 to 12.
Credit: Evening Standard
The school says on its Facebook page that it is still in lockdown and will remain so until RCMP resolve the matter.


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