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Rapper asks beggars to stay off this Christmas- Kanye West

Is Kanye West too busy giving to his family alone, than anyone else? This is so… not true!
However, the rapper issued a sound warning on his Twitter page weeks before Christmas telling
anyone and everyone who is expecting anything from him to back off… for now!Well, in his post, the father-of-two seemed stern when he said:
"no offense to anyone… I’m asking everyone DON’T ASK ME FOR ANYTHING TILL AFTER I’M FINISHED WITH MY ALBUM"
Was he referring to Christmas gifts or music collaborations? However, Kanye later dropped another tweet revealing where his next album stands at the moment and what is also keeping him extremely busy: 
"I’m finishing my album and my next collection…"
So, for all those wanting to make music with the Grammy winning rapper or asking for his production skills, you may have to wait untill the festive season is over as well as his new album he calls SWISH!


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