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Horror Moment Matador is Gored in the Heart During Bullfight in Mexico and Survives Caught on Camera

A bullfighter survives being gored in the heart in this shocking video.

Mexican matador Mauricio Martínez Kingston suffered serious wounds to the chest, lungs, heart and
eye when he was stabbed in the left armpit by a bull during the fifth fight of the night at the Monumental Plaza in Mexico City on Thursday.
The bull has a "banderilla" - the sharp sticks used to stab the bull - hanging from a shoulder blade while Martinez dodges the horns.

But the footage then cuts to later in the fight, where another matador is taking on the bull before it turns towards Martinez Kingston, who is lying face down on the ground.
The bull tramples the matador before lifting him into the air by its horns. Martinez Kingston lands on his head, and lies motionless as fellow bullfighters rush to his side.
Martinez Kingston was bleeding profusely and had to be stabilised in hospital, ABC reported .
His condition was described as critical but stable.
But there was little sympathy for Martinez Kingston online however.
Many people opposed to the blood sport sided with the bull, which was killed after the fight.
"Good, I hate that activity (it's not a sport). A bunch of loser brightly dressed clowns abusing an animal," said one commentator.
Another added: "Thats what you get for torturing an animal the size of a van."


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