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Flight Attendant Reveals Plane Secrets. You’ll be Shocked

Hummmm!! Things happen beyond what we think.
It turns out it is way easier to have S3X on a plane than you might think.
Not only that but pilots are apparently ‘man-sluts’ and you should never complain in the hope of
getting an upgrade.
A flight attendant, known only as Mary, has lifted the lid on plane travel, revealing horrifying things she passengers have done as well as some of her own confessions.
First up? Latches. Mary says there are latches between some toilets on long-haul flights that enable two toilets to be turned into one.
she explains: ‘If you were lucky to be going [to] New York Orlando, they are bigger planes. There are most toilets, more little access routes – you know – you can be sneaky.
‘Some [toilets] are joined together by latches. So if you find the switch to unlock the latch, it joins the two toilets together. They can be made into one big toilet.
‘You pull [the latch] and it collapses the wall…. so you can bend over that toilet and bend over that sink.’
Mary also confesses to having S3X with pilots, who she calls ‘man-sluts’, as well as accidentally dipping her finger in semen once when a passenger left a used condom in a seat pocket.
She said: ‘Have you never seen a pilot’s Tinder profile? OMG it’s a cockpit selfie, literally drop your knickers now please. And they are married, they have kids, you know it’s so bold. Pilots are man-sluts.’
And what about upgrades? Turns out if you really want an upgrade you should say you a newly engaged, or wear a slick suit. Complaining about meals, bags being lost or not enough space never works, apparently.


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