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Dwarka Air crash - Two Die as plane Crashes in Delhi

A light aircraft has crashed on take-off near the airport in the Indian capital, Delhi, killing two people.
The Beechcraft King Air plane chartered by India's Border Security Force (BSF) came down after
hitting a wall in Dwarka district and burst into flames.
The plane was carrying "10 to 12" personnel of the force, officials said.
India's air safety record has been good in the past decade, despite a rapid increase in the number of private airlines and air travel in the country.
The last major crash happened in the city of Mangalore in May 2010, killing at least 160 people.
Tuesday's crash reportedly took place at around 09:50 India time (04:20GMT), moments after the plane, bound for the city of Ranchi, lost contact with air traffic control.
"It crashed immediately after take off," Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh said.
TV pictures showed a fire in a field and mangled and charred debris of the plane.
Suraj, an eyewitness, told reporters that the plane hit a wall, caught fire and crashed in a field outside the airport.
"There were about 10 people on the flight. I saw two bodies. There were some labourers working on the ground where the plane fell," he said.
More than a dozen fire engines have been rushed to the spot to douse the blaze.
In May 2011, 10 people died after a small medical ambulance aircraft crashed in Faridabad town near Delhi.


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