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Woman Dies From Bird Flu In China

A woman has died from bird flu in southern China, health authorities have confirmed.
The 26-year-old woman is understood to have died on 30 December, however the news was not made
known until today.
Another woman, 40, is reportedly in a serious condition at hospital with the same virus.
Both women are understood to have contracted H5N6- a strain of bird flu which has so far only been seen in China.
Since May 2014, six human cases of HSN6 have been reported in total. The virus has also been detected in poultry in China, Lao and Vietnam.
The virus is spread to humans through direct contact to birds.
No humans have been infected by the virus in the UK.
The NHS advises that infection can occur when someone touches an infected bird whether it is dead or alive, by inhaling or touching dried dust from the droppings or the bedding of infected birds, or by preparing infected poultry for cooking.
It is estimated that close to 650 human cases of bird flu have been reported since 2003.


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