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‘The Movie You ’ll Never See’ 100 Years Coming To Nigeria

A movie titled 100 years is a film to be released 100 years time. Will you be available to watch the movie? After it was celebrated last November with an exclusive preview of the film’s trailer at the Sheats Goldstein Mansion in Los Angeles, “100 Years: The Movie you’ll never See,” starring French actor, John Malkovich, is set to conquer the world.

The ground-breaking movie, which envisions Earth one hundred years from now (not to be released till 2115) began its tour of the world recently after it was transported to London under heavy security, having commenced the journey last December in Hong Kong. The film is now on its way to Tokyo, Moscow, and the United States. It is expected to storm Nigeria and South Africa later in the year before it reaches its final destination at the House of Louis XIII in Cognac, where the safe box will be finally unlocked in one hundred years from now. Directed by Robert Rodriguezn, the film is said to be inspired by the century of careful craftsmanship and patience it takes to create each decanter of Louis XIII Cognac. Ludovic du Plessis, Global Executive Director for Louis XIII Cognac, the sponsors of the film, was in Nigeria last week where he unravelled the mystery behind the big-budget film, stating categorically what his company intends to achieve by embarking on such ambitious project. According to him, “We want to use the movie to increase awareness on the beauty of Louis XIII Cognac, and at the moment, we have over one billion followers on Twitter and other social media platform.” Ludovic, who has only worked with the company for fourteen months now, said he approached actor John Malkovich to develop an original screenplay for “100 Years” that would reflect the incredible legacy of craftsmanship that goes into one decanter of Louis XIII, and the fact that its creators will never experience the results of their work. “I told Malkovich that when the movie is produced, we are going to put the only copy of it in a luxury safe box for the next 100 years. So, the source of inspiration of that movie is Louis XIII, is the fact that it takes 100 years and four generation of Cellar Masters to craft one,” he said. According to him, to ensure that “100 Years” remains secure until its official premiere on November 18, 2115, one century from now, the film was placed in a state-of-the-art safe which will open automatically in 100 years when the timing is complete.
Credit: Vanguard
“One thousand important guests from around the world received an exclusive invitation to give to their descendants to attend the premiere of “100 Years”, on November 18, 2115, at the House of Louis XIII in Cognac, France.” Interestingly, just as each cellar master dedicates his life to creating a masterpiece that he will never experience, the cast and crew of “100 Years” will never see the final cut of the film.


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