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Mourinho Gets Paid £20m A Year From Man United

Manchester United to offer Jose Mourinho £60m in order to take over as Manchester United manager, according to reports.

The Sun’s Neil Custis, who is still locked in a points vs pounds race with Louis van Gaal, has an ‘exclusive’ over Mourinho’s likely wage as United manager should he take over.
Custis claims that Mourinho will earn £20m a year, £5m more than Pep Guardiol will earn at Manchester City. That would make him the highest-paid manager in world football. The £60m figure comes from Mourinho’s three-year contract.
In addition, the contract would include bonuses for title and cup wins. Jose really is laughing all the way to the bank.
‘While there has been no pre-contract signed between United and Mourinho, there is a verbal agreement in place that he will take over in May’ The Sun say. ‘The Portuguese boss and his advisors are therefore convinced it is a done deal, which will see him trouser up to £20m a year.’
Isn’t the verb ‘to trouser’ absolutely excellent?
The Sun do also play the ‘we told you this all along’ card, which is a little rich given that they claimed Van Gaal would be sacked by Boxing Day.


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