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Grace Neutral Body Modification Enthusiast Redefining Beauty Standards ( photos)

Grace Neutral Social media sensation is famous for creating her own unique definition of beauty. Using dramatic body modification techniques, the British woman has transformed herself into a ‘pixie dream girl’ with purple eyes, pointy ears, forked tongue, and a heavily tattooed body. 
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Her fearless experiments with her body have earned her over 300,000 followers on Instagram, a modelling assignment with designer Ashley Williams, and a clothing line that reflects her personal style.
Grace, 26, is primarily a hand poke tattoo artist. She calls the job her “bread and butter,” adding that she’d lose her mind if didn’t do it for more than a couple of days. Having experienced a lonely childhood, she now believes that body modification is a way to make the outside reflect her soul. “I felt outcast for so long growing up that it’s only now that I really feel myself,” she says. “It’s terrifying, yes, but I know I’d be more unhappy looking how I looked before.” 

While she doesn’t have anything against conventional, mainstream beauty, Grace doesn’t think that it defines who she really is. “It’s not that I don’t think someone like Kim Kardashian is beautiful – she is, but there’s nothing in that ideal that reflects me. I appreciate it but I wouldn’t want it – just in the same way that I’m sure she wouldn’t want to look like me.”
Grace decided to modify her body to reflect inner self at pretty young age – she was only 21 when she had her tongue split. Needless to say, it was painful. “After I had my tongue forked, I had to learn to speak again and for ages I had this little lisp,” she said. But she thinks the struggle was worth it and the split doesn’t bother her at all now. “Your tongue is actually two separate muscles that are attached together which is why the split works so well,” she explained in an interview with The Debrief. “You can individually control each one. It’s really cool you can pick stuff up and they play with each other! It’s literally the funnest thing ever.

Next, Grace had her belly button removed so her stomach would be completely smooth. But then she chose to get her face intentionally scarred. “They just cut and peel out strips of skin and then it heals obviously and leaves a scar and the scar is the pattern,” she said. “So they did that on my chin and my cheeks and my forehead. “I also have my ears pointed like a pixie and my earlobes removed so I have the tiniest, tiniest earlobes, like half a centimeter. I used to have big stretched ears and I didn’t want them any more; I wanted to look really ethereal and pixie-like.”

“It’s all done by injection, so I’ve had like 12 injections  each eye and each injection is like 15 seconds which doesn’t seem very long at all, but these small windows of time are so intense because you’re concentrating on not moving your eye so hard but there’s this uncontrollable fear inside you because you know that if you move you essentially could go blind.”

Despite her success, Grace has also had to endure a lot of criticism for her bold choices. “Of course I’ve encountered negativity – I guess I’m an easy target,” she said. “People definitely have a fear of the unknown. 
But Grace believes that many people have been very accepting of her unusual appearance, including her parents.
Credit: odditycentral
For those who are interested in following Grace’s beauty ideals, she has some pretty solid advice to offer. “Educate yourself and make sure that you research into your artist,” she said. “It’s like anything: if you were going to get your boobs done you would do your research and get the best doctor you could find. Body modification is so underground and it’s such a grey area when it comes to legality and stuff, you really have to be careful. Nobody wants to be cut up by a butcher, you want a surgeon!”
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