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Artistes In Lagos Complain Of lack Of Money To Attend Events By Fans

Some artistes in Lagos State have complained about the lack of money for their fans to patronize them for the Easter celebrate, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
The artists told NAN on Saturday that the level of patronage had dropped drastically at shows and events in Lagos due to lack of financial wherewithal. The Chief Executive Officer of BrotherArt, an arts company, Mr Nkang Ini-Dan, noted that things “are very hard but that it will pass’’. “People are facing tough times but some people still have the money to spend without `blinking an eyelid’’. ` `Some artistes are still doing their programmes and people are attending, so it is a case of some have, some do not but they want to relax. ` `Some do save also to just go and enjoy themselves, all work and no play causes trouble.
“The crowd is not as many as one expects to be,” he said. Another, artiste, Emmanuel Afemihke said that things had gone up so much that people were finding things very rough. 
“In the area of arts, people will definitely go out, they cannot afford to stay indoors for a whole four days. “As for the Easter break, I know honestly that people will be looking for where events are and go for them but the crowd might not be much,” she said. In his own contribution, Tony Udogu, popularly known as “Tony Fresh’’ said that people would surely squeeze out time to go for picnic as they might not have money to attend events. 
“Honestly, I don’t know what where going in this country we see billions of naira going into individual pockets and people are suffering. “Those monies would have done a lot for us, let the government start now to correct things and better the lot of civil servant,” he said. He said that the recovered stolen money should have been channeled into proper priority things for the growth of the country.
Credit: Vanguard
We are not supposed to be complaining. “If they do that, an average family will be smiling every festive period because they will have enough money to take care of themselves,” he said. (NAN)


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