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Adele’s Hot New Bodyguard Is Causing a Twitter Meltdown

Van Der Veen, a Holland native, not only was previously crowned Mr. Europe, but he’s also Lady Gaga’s former bodyguard.
We were wondering who you are. Adele’s new bodyguard, Peter Van der Veen, has Twitter totally
melting down, and for good reason — he’s a hunk!  According to Mashable, the Dutch hunk was employed due to the explosive popularity of the British singer’s new album, 25. And Twitter users are all too happy about his new gig.
“If you wanna see something beautiful, google ‘Adele’s bodyguard,’” one person tweeted on Saturday, Nov. 28.

“Adele’s bodyguard could set fire to the rain,” another person joked.
“Hello Adele’s bodyguard, it’s me,” fashion blogger Bryanboy quipped.
On Thursday, Nov. 25, the Grammy winner, 27, shared the exciting news that she’ll be kicking off a European tour for 25, beginning in February — and hopefully, Van Der Veen will be right by her side.
But not everyone agrees with Van Der Veen's hunk status.
“Why is Adele’s bodyguard on the news for being hot he has no hair,” an unimpressed user wrote.


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