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Dizany Alison- Madueke - From Beauty to......

At a time, she is so beautiful and you will not think twice before you take a second look at her but today Life as changed and life itself is full of ups and downs. I want to acquire or embezzle so much
money but at the end, the so called money cannot and will not buy you good health or save your live when the time comes. We all go through it and it makes us strong and gives us the life experience we need. But one should avoid getting too high up like the former Minister of Petroleum Dizany Alison- Madueke. She actually ruled Nigeria for a few years and I had dealings with her. She was polite but you could feel that power arrogance in her. Now she is a frightened, sick and old lady. Not knowing if she is going to spend the rest of her life in jail. No chance to enjoy the billions’....


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