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Petrol Consumption In Europe Affecting Product Importation

When will the country be dependent on the nations refinery to generate refined petroleum product rather than importation all the time. lots of crude oil in the country equals scarcity of petrol. The Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) at the weekend blamed the climate for the delay in the production and importation of refined petroleum products.

The group said vagaries of weather in Europe, where Nigeria gets its refined products’ supplies, has caused the scarcity of fuel in the country.
Speaking on the sideline of an emergency meeting by the Products and Petroleum Marketing Company (PPMC) in Lagos to proffer solution to fuel scarcity, the Association’s Executive Secretary, Obafemi Olawore, said refineries produce more of heating fuel during winter to the detriment of Nigeria and other countries that rely on them for production.
He said when this happens, a smaller quantity of  fuel was produced for Nigeria, adding that the development resulted in scarcity of the product.
According to him, Nigeria gets a bigger supply of refined products from refineries in Europe during spring.
He said: ”Usually, refineries in Europe and other continents produce for their home market during winter because they need to meet the growing needs of people, who are at the mercy of the cold weather. At this point, suppliers have no choice than to wait for spring, when they hope to get enough fuel for distribution to Nigeria and other net importers.”
Olawore said through there are domestic issues causing fuel scarcity in Nigeria, the issue of climate in Europe could not be ruled out.
He said major marketers and government’s agencies have met on several occasions to proffer solutions to the problem.
The scarcity has entered its sixth week, leaving untold hardship on the people. The problem has halted economic activities, as Nigerians walk long distance in the face of rising cost of transportation.
To ease the situation, the Federal Government has taken delivery of seven cargoes of fuel, promising to bring a cargo daily to the country.


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