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Mariah Carey Insures Parts Of Her Body For $70 Million’

Mariah Carey is said to have insured her hamstrings and vocal chords for a cool $70 million, according to TMZ.

Sources tell the celebrity gossip website that the insurance policy for her voice is $35 million, and her legs are insured for the same amount.
They add that ‘the monthly premium is super expensive…in the many thousands of dollars, but it’s worth it.’

Mariah is currently on tour so it’s understandable that she would want to protect two of her best assets in case something goes wrong, as it would result in ‘an epic loss of profits’.
The We Belong Together singer has been typically ‘Mariah’ on her tour, turning up by BOAT (albeit 30 minutes late) to her London gig and staying for a mere 240 seconds at the after-party at O2’s Ny-Lon Bar. Adele she ain’t.
If you didn’t manage to catch the lady herself on stage never fear, you’ll soon be able to tune in to her reality TV series – which promises to be eye-opening.
Mariah’s World will give fans special access to the pop diva’s life, including her whirlwind engagement to James Packer and her preparations for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour.


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