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Dana Air And Diamond Bank In Partnership On Lounge Services

In a bid to get more profit through customer satisfaction Dana Air is partnering with Diamond Bank to provide lounge services for its business class passengers, thereby fast-tracking boarding.

The airline said with this innovation, it has assured its business class passengers that there is no better way to relax before their flight with Dana, than with the array of benefits that the Diamond Lounge offers with an available standby Automated Teller Machine  (ATM) to ceaselessly provide service to customers.
The Diamond Lounge is such a place set up to make passengers feel comfortable, get their mind off stress of the past and live in the moment so as to prepare for the challenge ahead.
The lounge is open to guests from Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm and on sanitation days from 11am to 6pm, the lounge is also open on Sundays from 8am to 6pm. It is reserved for only Dana Air’s Business Class passengers and Gold card members of the airline’s Frequent Flyer program. Passengers of the airline can enjoy these benefits by either flying Dana Air Business Class or register for the airline’s frequent flyer program, Dana Miles, fly and accrue 9000 miles to become a Gold Card holder or a member. To become a Gold card holder or member, when passengers book and fly Dana’s Business flexible they get 875 miles, Business saver 750 miles which means for theem to become a Gold member and benefit from the lounge, they need to fly the business flexible like 11 times and business saver 13 times,” spokesman of the airline, Kingsley Ezenwa said.
He explained that the Diamond Lounge offers a lot of services for the comfort of the passengers before a flight, adding that it provides a relaxing ambiance with a serene atmosphere.
“The Lounge has free Wi-Fi service, for those who love to stay connected to friends and family and those who have work to do online. The lounge also provides refreshments from cookies and tea, coffee, drinks or water and then for those interested in news and latest happenings as well as entertainment, the lounge provides Dstv channels, magazine for reading and for cash issues, there is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) with mint notes, diamond bank inquiries and details can be sorted out from the lounge and many more,” he also said.


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